Hair Loss Problems’ Home Solutions

home remediesThe thickness of one’s hair which glimmers with natural health is definitely one of the most attractive things about someone. But with our fast paced lives, hair loss has sunk its evil claws in most of the people’s head. There are innumerable factors that can cause hair loss like aging, environmental effects, high levels of stress, lack of nutrition, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, excessive smoking, medication, using harmful hair products, chronic illness, anemia and the list simply goes on. The human scalp has approximately 100,000 hair strands and its normal to lose 50-100 hair strands on an everyday basis. However, one starts losing more than the normal strands, it is time for springing up to take concrete actions for saving your thinning hair that would eventually lead to bald spots or complete baldness.

Home Remedy Tips to Reduce Hair Loss for a Marvelous Mane

  • Mix coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, mustard oil and other essential oils for a hot massage for keeping those entire hair follicles active and controlling the hair loss. Massaging the scalp with hands on a regular basis boosts circulation in the scalp. One can also use lavender or sesame oil for the massage as well. for dandruff problems, use lukewarm jojoba oil. For best results,  sleep with an oiled haed and shampoo it away the next morning.
  • As they say, one is what one eats, which totally applies to the hair. Thus, make sure to include cucumbers, peppers, potatoes and beans along with their skins to the diet. These foods give the required strength and minerals to your hair. Lean meat is a rich source of iron and proteins and plays a vital role in hair growth.
  • As per studies, green tea contains natural chemicals called catechins that has Type I 5 alpha reductase enzymes that is known to convert testosterone to hair murdering DHT and in some cases might also block the hormones that initiate hair loss in the first place.
  • Studies have also suggested that onion juice is a proven hair growth stimulator for hair growth. Apply hair juice twice daily directly on to the scalp for half an hour and then wash it off with lots of water and a mild cleanser. The juice also has anti-bacterial powers which kill the parasites and the germs. One can easily get the onion juice by squeezing and grinding the veggie. One would be able to see the results within two weeks.
  • Curd is also among the most effective f all the home remedies for the treatment of hair loss along with making the hair shiny, smooth and soft. One can directly apply the curd onto the scalp or mix 2 tablespoon of it with a single tablespoon of honey for even better results. Leave the curd or the mixture for half an hour before washing it off with lots of water.
  • Coconut milk contains proteins and fats and is most effective when it comes to controlling hair loss and promoting hair growth.

Proper Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

food for hair growthPeople need to take proper foods to make their body healthy and wealth. Foods with proper nutrients can reduce hair fall problems. Different types of foods are prescribed by the doctor to fulfill the proper nutrients in human body. Spinach, basil, fruits with vitamin B and C, vitamin b complex are highly prescribed from the doctor.

Spinach: Spinach is very essential for body because it contains plenty of vitamin B and C. The deficiency of iron is the main cause of hair fall. Spinach can be a good source of iron. It is full of iron too. Besides, potassium, magnesium and omega-3 are provided by this food. These are very helpful for the functions of scalp. Moreover, it provides shiny hair to the human being.

Carrots: Carrots can be a good alternative food of vitamin A. This food contains more vitamin A which decreases the plenty of diseases. This food helps to maintain the functionalities of scalp. It provides strong hair too. This food is also popular to reduce the eye problems.

Sweet potato: Sweet potato can be a good source of vitamin A. This food can be found easily with reasonable price. For strong visibility and hair loss problems this food can be taken by the patients highly. This food is full of protein and magnesium. After all, it can be a remedy of creating good health.

Eggs and dairy products:  People can take eggs and different types of dairy products for enhancing the strong protein in body. Cheese, yogurts are more helpful for reducing hair loss. Vitamin B7 is widely known as the remedy of hair loss. Other foods which are produced with the help of eggs can be taken as the remedy of hair fall.

Oats: Oats are prescribed highly to the hair loss patients daily in the morning. A pot of oats can reduce hair loss problems fully. This food is full of various nutrients as like as iron, omega 6,Mg, k etc. This food can be a good source of vitamin B and C. These help to make good functionalities in the human body including human scalp. This food will provide more thick and healthy hair to the people.

Walnuts: Walnuts are highly needed for the growth of hair. It strengthens the hair and scalp. This food can be taken highly every day. This food is full of various nutrients as like as vitamin B and C. Vitamin B and D are very necessary for the functions of scalp. Besides, plenty of proteins and Mg ensure the proper blood circulation and oxygen to the scalp and it is very important to reduce the hair fall.

But it is highly needed to wash the food before taking. Proper foods with great nutrients can be more effective. On the other hand unclean foods can be bad for health. Besides, excess of taking every food can make a bad effect on the body. Moreover, someone has an allergy problem on some foods. In this case, they need to take necessary steps after consulting with doctor.

Natural Hair Treatment

Fresh hair tipsDifferent people hair is different types. Hair is the beautiful part of a human. Hair makes a human good looking and smart. That’s why people are worried about their hair. They spend so much time to maintain their hair as well. Different people keep their hair different style to show themselves better and good looking. Different people choice different style of their hair. If you want to keep your hair as your selected style then you need keep your hair strong and healthy. The Strong and healthy hair you can change the hair style easily what style you want.

So many type natural hair treatment has to keep your hair healthy and strong. All are natural hair treatment you can do yourself at your home, but if you struggle, you could try a new scalp micropigmentation service launched in London. By this article, we are going to discuss some natural hair treatment which helps you to keep your hair strong and healthy.

By using Eggs:

Eggs are very useful for hair. This is the very common and famous natural hair treatment around the world. Everybody know about egg how to work it to your hair. Eggs contain full of nutrition which is great for your hair. It encourage your hair health and make those strong. It also better works for your hair fall. If your hair is oily then you can use only egg white. That makes your hair dry and hard. Apply it on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with cool water and shampoo. It useful for damage hair.

By using baking soda:

After using shampoo and hairspray, you don’t feel your hair is clean and feel like some unwanted things have with your hair at this moment you can try the baking soda to clean your hair. Baking soda helps to clean your hair completely. You can apply baking soda by mixing with water. In a half cup water mix two tablespoons baking soda. The mixture massage into your hair from on your scalp to end. After the massage, the mixture leaves this for 15 to 20 minutes into your hair. After 20 minutes wash the mixture from your hair with cool water. Apply this treatment twice a month when you feel your hair needed some extra cleaning.

By using lemon and olive oil:

If you have itchy scalp then olive oil and lemon mixture natural treatment best for you. There are many reasons have for itchy scalps such as dry weather, stress, unusual hair products, and allergic problem. The olive oil and lemon mixture decrease this types of problems and good for dry skin by adding some extra moisture. Mix two tablespoons lemon and olive oil with some water and apply this mixture into your hair by massaging your scalp to end of your hair. After the massage, the mixture leaves it for 20 to 25 minutes on your scalp. After 25 minutes rinse it with cool water. Apply this treatment twice a week and get a better result.

By using Coconut butter:

Coconut butter is amazing for body nutrition and also for damage hair treatment. It works like an egg. Coconut butter contains a high amount of fatty acids and proteins which protects your hair from UV damage and also protect your skin. Use coconut butter as like condition on your scalp and massage it well. Apply it twice a week after some days you will get a better result.

Everything You Need to Know About Hair Straightening

Hair StraighteningGirls love to try different hairstyles every now and then. One of the most famous hairstyle that has never been out of fashion is straight hair. This amazing hairstyle has the ability to pull an amazing look on different occasions. There are a lot of people who are lucky to be born with the straight hair. However, there are a huge percentage of girls who have wavy hair. Thanks to the super cool technology it is not to get straight hair as all you need to have is a flat iron also known as straightener. Yes, gone were the days when you to have to visit a salon to get straight hair, now all you need to do is spend little bit money to buy a nice flat iron that will last for next few years.


There are different types of steps that are involved in using flat iron to straight your hair, some of them as follow:

Wash your hair:

People usually think that it is not important to wash their hair before using flat iron which is not true. Hair wash is important to clean out the dust from your hair and to make them silky, as it is less time consuming to straight silky hair.

Let them dry:

There are a lot of people who think that using the flat iron right after hair wash is the perfect time, which is not true. Using flat iron on your wet hair is the worst thing to do. Doing so can damage your texture of your hair but also the quality of your flat iron might also go down. This is the reason that you should let your hair dry completely. You can either blow dry them or wait for some time.

Apply hair product:

Now this is a very crucial step that everyone needs to keep in mind. People usually think that the best hair product for them is mousse. Well, it sure can be the best product for you if you are trying to give wavy look to your hair. For the straight hair, you need to apply hair gel before using flat iron. However, it is important that you should not go hard on hair gel, applying the moderate amount is right thing to do.


Temperature of the flat iron also plays a very important role. There are a lot of people who start with very high temperature which can be dangerous thing to do. The safe alternative of the high temperature is to pre heat your flat iron at low temperature for some time. Once it is nicely heated, you can go to final step.

Small portions:

If you are looking for best yet very natural straight hair then the key to success is small portions. Yes, you should take small portion of your hair and use flat iron on it. This may take a lot of time but your hair will remain straight for a long time and you will be able to get natural glow in your hair.

How to Grow Your Hair Faster

long hairHair is an important part of a human body. It enhances the beauty of a human body. People keep their hair different style. For women, long hair is more important. Therefore, they want their hair to grow faster. Most women keep their hair long without hair fall. But growing hair faster is not an easy way. In a month, a human hair grows on average a half and one inch. It also sometimes depends on the human health, hormone and their genetic factors.

If want to grow your hair faster you can apply some natural treatment on your hair for encouraging your hair growth and hair health. Some natural treatment has to increase the hair growth. Those treatment are not so difficult, which you can apply on your hair at your home. You also need to change your diet plan and maintain your hair properly for getting a better result. At bellow we going to discuss some natural treatment for growing your hair faster.

By changing the diet plan:

At first you have to change your diet plan to get a better result for faster hair grow. You have select those foods which contain vitamins, protein and minerals. Those elements are most important for your hair. Vitamins A, B, C and the mainly vitamins E are essential for faster hair grow. Also zinc, copper, iron, selenium magnesium and vitamins B complex are extremely needed for growing faster your hair. The foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, salmon, eggs, whole grains, spinach, cabbage, bell peppers, oats, avocado, brown bread, parsley etc. are help to grow, nourish and scalp your hair. Fresh fruits and vegetable juice like grapefruit, orange, beet carrot and lettuce also help to grow your hair and keep your hair healthy.

By using castor oil:

Castor oil helps to promote your hair growth. In the castor oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins E and most important element is omega 9 fatty acids which increase your hair growth naturally. You can apply the castor oil on your hair by creating a mixture with coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. Mix the castor oil with equal amount of coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil and then massage this mixture your scalp. Leave the mixture on your head for thirty to forty-five minutes. After forty-five minutes wash your hair by using shampoo. Apply this treatment every day. Your will get result soon.

By massaging your scalp:

Massaging scalp is the one kind of hair exercise. Massaging scalp increases the blood flows to your scalp which encourage your hair follicles. When you going to massage your scalp at this moment apply some oil or conditioner to your hair. After apply oil or conditioner rum gently your fingers in a circular motion on your scalp. Do it 3 to 5 minutes. After massage wash the conditioner and oil from your hair.

Try to stay stress-free:

Stress is one of the reasons of hair fall and it also makes a barrier to hair growing. It also disrupts the normal cycle. If you want to make your growing faster, then you need to keep your life stress free. You can keep your life stress free by doing meditation, regular exercise, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Also, you need to start on time sleep.